ELDOA stretches improve fitness, flexibility and mobility


Maria DePasquale assists a student with an ELDOA pose to alleviate disc compression at the base of the lumbar spine. She is the first to bring ELDOA classes to Santa Rosa County.

Certified health coach and physical conditioning specialist Maria DePasquale is bringing ELDOA classes to Santa Rosa County. ELDOA, a power stretching technique, relieves disc compression, decreases pain and improves postural awareness and muscular tone.

DePasquale, who holds a degree in communication from Arizona State, has studied health and fitness on the graduate level, focusing on nerve decompression techniques, functional diagnostic nutrition and strength and conditioning.

She says teaching ELDOA “takes her knowledge as a strength and conditioning specialist to a new level to offer clients of all ages and backgrounds something they can achieve, feel and see instantly.”

She has already seen success with clients who suffer from bulging discs, scoliosis, sciatica and osteoarthritis. Those with w…

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